9 Tips For Maintaining A Generator For A Small Business

4 December 2014
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A backup source of power is important if you operate a small business. A commercial size generator, such as from Power Performance Industries, is a great way to keep your business running during power outages. The generator comes with several responsibilities, including regular maintenance. Here are nine tips for operating and maintaining a generator in your small business.  Check your levels. At least once a week, check the coolant, oil, and fuel levels of your generator. Read More 

Fluid Monitoring And Maintenance Tips For Your Hydraulic Motor

28 November 2014
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When you are maintaining a system with a hydraulic motor, one of the biggest safety concerns to address is the quality of the hydraulic fluid. No matter how microscopic they may be, dirt particles and contaminants in your hydraulic fluid can bring your motor to a halt. It's important that you keep your hydraulic fluid clean through filtration and maintenance, otherwise you risk damaging your equipment. Here are some tips to help you keep your hydraulic fluid as pure as possible. Read More 

Three Common Misconceptions About Safely Operating An Ovehead Crane

20 November 2014
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Overhead cranes are a valuable component in many construction and manufacturing settings. These hoisting powerhouses make it possible to accomplish a variety of transportation tasks within an industrial setting and thousands of workers must rely on them on a daily basis. Overhead crane safety is vital in any setting where this is a daily operating component. However, there are common misconceptions about using the cranes that make improper use a major issue in some settings. Read More 

Reasons Why Santa Claus Wants You To Have A Metal Roof

14 November 2014
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Are you thinking about having a new roof installed? Are you wondering what you'll tell your children about the whole process? Here are some qualities that should be important to everyone involved: Weight bearing: Santa Claus knows that metal roofing can hold his sleigh with ease, so he has no concerns about leaving Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder, Blitzen and Rudolph on a metal roof while he's delivering presents to the children of the home. Read More 

Precision Watch Movements Require Precision Tools

11 November 2014
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Have you ever wondered how Swiss watches are crafted? Such tiny and delicate parts could only be the work of invisible little hands, right? No, it doesn't really work that way. The tools the watch makers use look as though they could be the tools of elves, but micro tools are crafted this small for many reasons. For the purpose of making and fixing watches, watch makers and repair technicians need the following micro tools, which your company could manufacture and fill a need. Read More