Precision Watch Movements Require Precision Tools

11 November 2014
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Have you ever wondered how Swiss watches are crafted? Such tiny and delicate parts could only be the work of invisible little hands, right? No, it doesn't really work that way. The tools the watch makers use look as though they could be the tools of elves, but micro tools are crafted this small for many reasons. For the purpose of making and fixing watches, watch makers and repair technicians need the following micro tools, which your company could manufacture and fill a need.

Micro Screwdrivers

Several tiny little screws hold the guts of every watch together. If you have ever opened the back of your own watch, you may spot a couple. There are micro screws inside digital watches as well, so there is no way you could not see one even if your watch was digital. To repair a gear or re-solder tiny wires back into place, your watch maker customers would need both Phillips and flat head micro screwdrivers of varying millimeter sizes.

Pin Punches and Watch Hammers

Essential in the repair of watches, pin punches act both as manual hole drivers and rolling pin removers. Because they have to "drill" the tiniest of holes in the small areas of the watch mechanisms, your company will have to modify or purchase micro tool manufacturing equipment to create these. Along with the pin punches, a watch maker and repair person needs a watch hammer, which often resembles a chrome-plated micro croquet mallet. The watch hammer is the driving force for the pin punches and the watch maker cannot use the pin punches without it.

Push Pin Link Removers and Pins

One of the last micro tools in a watch repairer's and maker's arsenal is the push pin link remover and accompanying pins. The pins for this tool are even smaller than the pin punches, the very micro of all micro tools. The watch repairer/maker uses this tool to create and fix metal link band watches, similar to the metal band found on a Rolex. The pins do not hold up for very long because of their size, and they will need to replace them often.

Choosing to Manufacture Miniature Tools for Watch Repair

Seeing as you already produce some very profitable and marketable micro tools to the industrial equipment and supplies centers, you may not want to make these tools. However, watch crafting and repair is a dying art, one which only the best in the world still do. You could provide these skilled craftspeople with the tools they need from a company like Richards Micro-Tool, and they in turn craft finely tuned and detailed time pieces.