Reasons Why Santa Claus Wants You To Have A Metal Roof

14 November 2014
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Are you thinking about having a new roof installed? Are you wondering what you'll tell your children about the whole process? Here are some qualities that should be important to everyone involved:

  • Weight bearing: Santa Claus knows that metal roofing can hold his sleigh with ease, so he has no concerns about leaving Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder, Blitzen and Rudolph on a metal roof while he's delivering presents to the children of the home.
  • Sustained good looks: Metal roofs keep their new appearance for a long time. This means that Jolly Old Saint Nick will be able to recognize your roof every year and won't have to waste time trying to figure out if your roof has become dilapidated since his last visit.  
  • Strength: Metal roofing stays strong and does not dent from hail and snow; so Santa won't have to worry about his reindeer putting their hooves through a soft spot or his sleigh crashing through to your bedroom.
  • Quality: Metal roofing shows your commitment to quality, so this could be a sign that you'll leave out delicious snacks for Santa. 
  • Long lasting: Metal roofs can last a lifetime, so Santa will always be able to find your home quickly and easily because your roof's style won't change frequently.
  • Fireproof: Metal roofs aren't combustible; so Santa doesn't have to worry about the heat from Rudolph's nose causing any problems. 
  • Energy efficient: Metal roofs are energy efficient, So Kris Kringle can look forward to a nice, toasty home while he's filling up stockings and putting gifts under the Christmas tree. 
  • Wind resistant: Metal roofs are built to withstand strong winds so they won't blow away from heavy gusts. This means that Santa won't have to worry about not being able to land on your home because your roof disappeared in the last big storm. 
  • Quiet: Santa knows that today's modern metal roofing silences noises such as rain and hail. This means that he will be able to land on your roof without worrying about waking up your household members. 
  • Positive environmental impact: Santa cares about the environment; so the fact that metal roofing is made mostly of recycled materials can put a big smile on his face. Also, by installing metal roofing, from a place like JD Metals, you'll reduce the number of times traditional shingles need to be replaced, so Santa will be sure to put you at the top of his Nice list.