Things You Need To Know About Servicing The Hydraulic Pump Powering Your System

19 July 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Hydraulic pumps powering stationary and moving equipment that use hydraulics to lift and move parts of the machine will wear over time. The pump has many moving parts, critical seals, and connections that need maintained. If the pump fails, a hydraulic pump rebuild may be the best solution, and working with a hydraulic service to complete the work is often essential.

Signs Of Pump Problems

The hydraulic pump will often give you some indications of problems before the pump fails. If you catch the issue early, the chances of a hydraulic pump rebuild service repairing the pump are much greater than if you wait until it stops working. 

Once the hydraulic pump fails, damage to the internal parts can become severe, and it may not be repairable or be expensive if repair is possible. Watching for signs like low pressure in the hydraulic system, noises coming from the pump when it is under load, or leaks that develop on the pump housing offers the best chance of dealing with the repair effectively.

Rebuilding The Pump

If the hydraulic pump in your system still works but shows signs of a problem, it may be best to shut the system down and remove the pump for repair. A hydraulic pump rebuild service can strip the pump for you, clean all the parts, and evaluate the condition of everything to determine if it is worth repairing. 

If the pump is in good condition but needs some seals and bearings replaced, the hydraulic shop can take care of the work quickly and get the pump ready to go back into service. However, if there is significant damage inside the hydraulic pump, the rebuild may require some parts and machine work inside the pump.

The style of the pump and the load on it can have an impact on the overall condition, but the hydraulic pump rebuild service will be able to offer more insight once they disassemble and inspect the pump. High-pressure pumps that run all the time may have more wear internally, but if the pump has been properly maintained, rebuilding it will be more manageable.

On-site Repair

Some hydraulic repair services have the tools and equipment to offer on-site hydraulic pump rebuild services. The technician working on your system will have a van or truck with the tools and equipment needed to do the work right, including removing the pump from the system and reinstalling it after the work is complete. 

On-site repair services can reduce downtime during repairs and, in turn, save your business money. Check with the hydraulic shops in your area to determine if this is a service they offer and how long the wait is to get a tech to your location. The service may cost a little more, but it could be the perfect fit for your business.