Rules To Follow When Buying Quad Rings For Sealing Operations

19 April 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


When you invest in a quad ring, you immediately gain access to superior sealing capabilities since it's not prone to twisting. That opens up your sealing capabilities in a lot of key ways. If you're planning to buy some, follow these simple rules.

Make Sure Your Application Supports Quad Rings

There are a lot of different sealing rings you can purchase today that vary in shape and dimensions. If you want to make sure quad rings, in particular, are optimal to purchase, then look over the application that you're using them with.

You need to make sure it supports quad rings so that you ultimately get optimal sealing that's able to last for a very long time. Typically, these rings work great when rotary motions are involved. They are dynamic, but the way quad rings are designed will keep them in the same position and thus keep leaking from happening.

Verify Installation Is Smooth And Easy 

You want to get quad rings that are able to last and stay put for the system that they're sealing off, but you also want their installation to go smoothly. Then you won't have to waste time or worry about exerting too much force where you accidentally damage quad rings before they're ever used.

A smooth installation is possible if you focus on getting the right size of a quad ring, as well as ensuring the manufacturer made the installation user-friendly. Then it won't matter what experience you have working with these materials. They'll go into their assigned position with ease and remain there until you need to replace them.

Look For Lubrication Retention

The best way to reduce surface friction with quad rings is to keep them lubricated. You can ensure this isn't hard to do if you find quad rings that come with excellent lubrication retention. That means the lubricant that's applied to them will stay for a long time, regardless of what type of friction the rings are exposed to.

You'll be able to find out this type of performance data if you find a quad ring manufacturer that's performed ample lubrication tests in different environments. If they confirm lubrication retention in these reports, you won't have to keep applying more lubricant over short intervals.

If you're looking to invest in reliable quad rings to keep areas of a system protected from certain fluids, then look at these rings carefully before purchasing. Simply being patient can help you focus on key attributes that lead you to the right ring products. 

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