Six Good Industrial Applications For Laser Cutting

31 March 2016
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Laser cutting, developed in the mid-1960s, is a highly-directed cutting technique that harnesses the power of a laser beam to make a precise, finished cut in any number of materials, from steel to plastic to paper. Advantages to using laser cutting include the absence of any frayed edges, the ability to cut complex shapes and little contamination from the cutting surface (as you might have with blades or knives.) Laser cutting technology also uses less energy than many other types of cutting techniques and can save a business money by not requiring expensive, custom-made cutting tools. 

Industries that can make good use of laser cutting

1. Architectural firms. The many tiny pieces that make up an architectural model can be tricky to cut out by hand. Plus, since a firm only needs a few of each piece, it's not cost-effective to create a tool to stamp such items. Laser cutting can make creating these small model components fast and easy.

2. Automotive companies. Laser cutting is also useful in the automotive industry, particularly in creating the pieces that makeup dashboards and interior trim. A laser cutting tool can be used on everything from steel frames to wood trim to plastic air bags.

3. Companies in the toy industry. Toy manufacturers can also make good use of laser cutting, as this method of cutting products fewer sharp and potentially-harmful edges than traditional cutting methods. In addition, many toys also include tiny parts that can be difficult to produce using traditional stamping machines.

4. Stationary and paper companies. Getting a crisp cut, as can be produced using laser cutting, is important to companies that make paper products, such as business cards, stationary, menus and direct mail pieces. Precision cutting is essential for such items to look professional.

5. Medical supply companies. Companies that produce medical implements, such as hearing aids, implants and orthopedic aids also need the most precise cutting technology available. Such devices can't have any sharp edges or uneven cuts. Laser cutting can help produce the uniformity and the smooth surfaces these items require.

6. Sports equipment makers. Cutting the many pieces that make up a traditional sports shoe is another good use of laser cutting. The crisp lines of a laser cut allow such pieces to be sewed or glued directly onto the face of the shoe without hemming.

While laser cutting may not be the right choice for every business, this type of cutting technology is particularly well-suited for architectural firms, toy manufacturers, companies that make paper products, car manufacturers and medical supply companies. Contact a business, such as J&E Metal Fabricators, for more information about laser cutting.