Things To Consider When Outsourcing Your Machining Projects

16 February 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If your production process relies on parts that must be machined, you know how crucial it is that you maintain a constant flow of these parts coming into your manufacturing facility. If you outsource your machining tasks, here are three things you will want to consider before signing a contract with a new machining company in the future.

1. A potential machining company's understanding of various materials.

If you rely on parts machined from a variety of materials, you will want to ensure that the machining company you partner with has the skill and knowledge required to work with these materials.

Some machine shops specialize in either stainless steel or injectable plastic, but finding a shop with employees equipped to handle both (or even hybrid materials) will allow you to rely on a single vendor for your machining needs in the future.

2. A potential machining partner's production capability.

When your own manufacturing activities are reliant on the timely delivery of machined parts, it's essential that the machining company you choose to partner with has the production capabilities required to meet your demand. As you evaluate potential machine shops, be sure that you ask to see the results of a capability analysis.

This analysis will show you both the upper and lower production limits of a particular shop, as well as the standard of deviation when it comes to quality over time. Being able to evaluate capability analyses will help you make an informed decision as you choose which machine shop to contract with in the future.

3. A potential machine shop's design capabilities.

While it is typically the responsibility of the company ordering machined parts to create models and outline specifications for finished products. Making the choice to work with a machine shop that employs machinists with design capabilities allows you to catch any design flaws before your parts enter into production.

A shop without design experience could overlook serious flaws, costing your company time and money in the long run. Be sure that you ask about the design experience of each machine shop when looking to outsource your machining needs.

Having the ability to outsource your machined parts can reduce production costs for your company. Be sure that you are recognizing the importance of selecting the right machine shop as you evaluate potential partners in the future. A machine shop with the ability to work with a variety of materials, proven production capabilities, and design experience will prove to be a valuable ally. Contact a company like Tri-State Fabricators Inc, or another location, for more help and information.