How To Get The Most Out Of Your Commercial Heating System This Winter

15 January 2016
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If you own a business and use a commercial sized heating system to heat up your business, it is vital that you keep your system running smoothly so that your employees and customers stay warm during business hours. Here are a few things you need to do to ensure that you get the most out of your commercial heating system.

Have Your System Inspected

The first thing you need to do to ensure that your commercial heating system is able to keep everyone warm is to have it inspected, ideally before winter begins. However, if winter is already in full swing and you have not had your commercial heating system inspected, it is not too late. Schedule an inspection during hours when you do not need to use your heating system so that if any work is necessary, it can be performed without your employees and customers getting cold. 

During this inspection, your technician should tighten any parts that are loose on your machine. They should also clean all the parts and lubricate anything in your machine that moves. If your system uses oil, they should change it out and replace the oil filter as well. All the fan blades should be inspected and if any are bent or damaged, they should be replaced. Your air filter should be taken out and cleaned or replaced as well.

Additionally, you should make sure that all the pneumatically controlled dampers are inspected for leaks and make sure that they are opening and closing properly. 

If your unit is not insulated, see if your technician can also insulate your heating system to reduce lost energy and to help it run more effectively.

Calibrate Your Sensors

Most commercial heating systems rely on a system of building sensors to provide them with information such as the humidity levels, pressure levels and temperature throughout your building. You should have your technician come and test all of your sensors at least once a year to make sure that they are calibrated correctly and sending accurate information to your commercial heating system.

Without the right information, your system will not be able to keep your building properly heated.

Update Your Timers

Take a look at the schedule for your business. Find out when the first employee comes in and when the last employee leaves. Make sure that this information is reflected in the timers that you have your commercial heating system set to. 

If your schedule has changed, or if certain parts of your building are not in use all the time, you may want to update the timers that regulate your heating system so that it is warm when people are present. Updating your timers will also help you save energy by turning down your heat in areas of your building that are not in use. 

Keep your commercial heating system that your business uses working smoothly this winter by having the entire system inspected and by updating your heat timers. Prevention is the key to keeping your business warm.  

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