3 Services A Dumpster Company Can Provide

8 May 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


When you think of dumpster companies, you probably just imagine the big, bulky dumpsters that can be rented for commercial or residential purposes. However, many dumpster companies actually offer a wider range of other products that may prove useful to you at some point in your life. This is a list of the other types of services that dumpster companies can provide for you or your company.

Collapsible Bag

There are many different names for it, but it is basically a giant collapsible bag that can serve as a miniature dumpster. It is used in situations where a trash bag is too small but the job just doesn't warrant renting a dumpster. The bags can be purchased from local home improvement stores or retailers that carry home improvement items. Each bag can hold approximately 3,000 pounds of waste or debris. Once the bag is full, you can contact your local dumpster company and they will remove the bag from your property. The cost of removing the bag will vary by company and area, so you can call around to find the best rates and availability.


Do you have a bunch of miscellaneous items that you need to recycle but are unsure how to do it? Items like batteries, cell phones, and certain light bulbs require a specific disposal method rather than typical recycling centers. A dumpster company can provide you will a kit specifically designed for each item. It will include step-by-step directions that tell you have to recycle the items and where to send them. Each kit has a certain amount of space in the container so you can get rid of multiple items at once as long as they are the same item that is listed on the kit. Many companies will even send a certificate stating that you recycled the items in a responsible manner and did your part to be environmentally friendly.

Medical Waste

Another thing that is difficult to dispose of is any type of medical waste, like needles. The risk of contamination with used needles is very high, so they need to be placed in special containers when you are done with them. A dumpster company that has waste services can send you a certain medical waste container that you can place the items in. All you have to do is fill the container, place it in the pre-paid packaging and stick it in the mail.

Not every dumpster company will provide all of the services listed above. Many of them will do so if they have waste removal services though. If you live in an area with multiple dumpster companies, you can always do your research to find which services are provided and the current rates to determine the best one for your needs. Dibussolo Container Service is one dumpster rental company in your area you can contact if you have questions.